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Catherine Ibberson

Put New Lenses into Your Existing Frames – at a Fraction of the High Street Optician’s Cost.

Buying new lenses online is a new concept for many people, so it’s understandable  to worry about how and what to order. Don’t worry, just give me a call on 01253 795523 and I’ll be happy to help. You’ll always get the benefit of my 20 years optical experience and my very friendly, one to one expert service.

I guarantee to only supply top quality lenses, but at affordable prices, often £100’s less than high street quotes. I’ve made the whole ordering process simple and stress free.

You don’t need to worry about which lenses to choose, as I speak to every customer personally over the phone, and am always happy to give advice on which lenses are best suited to your own individual prescription.  I can supply all types of lenses and offer a Specialist Varifocal Service. (Please scroll down the page to read more about my Specialist Varifocal Service)

What about the eye measurements?

I never guess or estimate eye measurements, I use the accurate PD eye measurement that is already in your existing lenses. If it’s a new frame, it’s not a problem. You can include an old pair of glasses for me to read the correct PD eye measurement from, then I’ll use it along with your up to date prescription ensuring your lenses are made up correctly.

If it’s a first pair of glasses I’ll talk you through the straight forward process of doing eye measurements. So no matter what your needs are, the whole process is normally pretty easy and worry free.

Personally, I find it a bit alarming to see that some sites will just give an average PD eye measurement of around 64mm. My PD for example is only 59, yours could be 69. None of us are average where eyes are concerned. I liken it to buying shoes.The fit has to be accurate or the shoes are uncomfortable. The exact same applies to lenses. Who’d go into a shoe shop and ask for an average size pair of shoes?





Can I get prescription Sunglass Lenses?


Yes. We do prescription sunglass lenses as single vision, bifocal or varifocals. We also do non prescription sunglass lenses for anyone wanting lenses but don’t want need prescription in the frame.The usual cost of single vision prescription sunglass lenses starts at just £55.

Can I get new lenses put into Sports Glasses, Cycling Glasses or Skiing Goggles?

Absolutely, we put prescription lenses into inserts for Sports and Cycling Glasses, as well as Skiing Goggles from just £35 – £75  and £65 for Polycarbonate Lenses.

Can I get Blue Light Blocking Lenses?

Yes, they are available as single vision, bifocal and varifocal lenses. For full information go to this link where you will see they are all listed.

Catherine Ibberson

Catherine Ibberson

Catherine Ibberson – Reglaze Glasses 4U

Hello, let me introduce myself. I’m Catherine Ibberson the owner of Reglaze Glasses 4U, and whenever you phone I’ll be the person you speak to.  With my easy to use online reglazing service you get to keep your existing frames, or use a new frame you’ve bought, and you’ll be able to get your new lenses at a fraction of the high street opticians’ prices. If you’ve any queries, just give me a call on 01253 795523 and I’ll be happy to help, and answer any questions you might have regarding buying new lenses. Many of my satisfied customers say they haven’t come across any other service that provides anything close to what I offer.  As I always say though, don’t just take my word for it, take a look at what my customers have to say on my testimonials page. People who tend to look for a personal one to one service almost always buy from me, then I’m happy to say recommend me to their friends and family – why not join them, just call me on 01253 795 523,

How to order

Ring Catherine on 01253 795 523 to request a FREEPOST package – please feel free at this point to ask any questions you want. Included in your package is:

  • Bubble Wrap to further help protect your glasses.
  • An order form – if you need your glasses urgently you can print off an order form here and send your glasses yourself

When the package has arrived, please complete the enclosed order form and return it with your recent optical prescription, your glasses (wrapped in the provided Bubble Wrap) and pop it into a post box (There’s no need to go to a post office, unless for added security, you prefer to pay to have your package tracked and signed for as the Freepost service isn’t insured for loss or damage ). Please do not include your glasses case. When I receive your package I’ll ring you to discuss your options, take payment and answer any more queries you may have. Your lenses will be reglazed and returned to you – usually within 4 to 12 working days (depending on the type of lenses).

My Specialist Varifocal Service

We reglaze many frames with single vision and bifocal lenses, but specialize in Premium Wide Vision Varifocal Lenses and Superior Digital Freeform Varifocal Lenses. Both of our excellent varifocal lenses have proved to be very successful, and are by far our most popular lenses

The Premium Wide Vision Varifocal Lenses are designed to be flatter and slimmer resulting in comfortable, functional viewing in all areas of the lenses. The design of the lenses utilises the most advanced technology to give a wider, clearer field of vision than the very basic varifocal lenses that are available on the market.

Our Superior Digital Freeform Varifocal Lenses are the Very Latest Digital Lenses customized with Digital Precision for each individual prescription. Guarantee’s improved accuracy, higher definition and colour contrast, improved reading area, lightweight materials, asphericity, softer design, scratch and impact resistance.

Don’t just take our word for it though…….. See our reviews from our varifocal wearers, they are all very happy with their lenses) Our aim is always to give the clearest and most comfortable vision possible. Hence, we do not supply any of the very basic designs of varifocal lenses. These very basic lenses are quite a lot cheaper, and sometimes offered for free on the high street, but need to be bought with caution as they tend to cause more peripheral distortion, a smaller reading area, and give a poorer standard of vision all around. Generally speaking, the better quality the varifocal lenses are, the clearer and more comfortable the vision is. We strongly advise to buy the best varifocal lenses that your budget can stretch to, it really does make a difference to your vision

Here's Just a Couple of Reviews

Excellent Personal Service Following a bad experience at well known high street opticians ( had to return new glasses 3 times for adjustments)I decided to try different route. Bought my new designer frames online then looked for a reglaze company. Catherine stood out from the rest as she offered a personal service, I was not to be disappointed she called and talked me through the process. My new designer glasses arrived perfect and I saved £90 off high street quote. I will certainly use Catherine again and recommend her to all my friends.

Belinda Lamb

Excellent Service As well as providing me with excellent glasses at a fraction of the cost, Catherine saved my day when I needed an urgent prescription made up to replace my main glasses that had broken. Why the rush?, I was heading for an interview with glasses held together by Sellotape! Replacement pair made up and arrived within 3 days. Fantastic service would highly recommend to anyone.

Christine Harris

This is your Crystal Clear 30 Day Guarantee

If for any reason you’re not happy with your new lenses then return them within 30  days of purchase

and I’ll refund your money.

Every Penny. No Questions Asked.

I want you to be happy like all of my other customers but if you’re not then just call me and I’ll issue a refund.

Call Catherine Ibberson 01253 795 523

Get the Lenses you need at a fraction of the High Street Prices.

For a Friendly, Personal, One to One Service and to get the benefit of 20 years of expert advice