Where Can I Get New Lenses For My Glasses?

This is a question I hear more and more these days. Gone are the days of automatically going to the high street optician and buying a new frame and lenses every time you have a change in prescription. We’re all far more aware of the high cost of everything these days,...

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Blue Light Blocking Lenses

People are finally becoming more aware of the potential dangers of their eyes being over exposed to the harmful blue rays from technical equipment such as computer screens, TV’s mobile phones and tablet computers. Reglazeglasses4U has a range of blue light...

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Children’s Prescription Sunglasses

Most adults buy themselves good quality sunglasses as they are aware of the damage the sun can do to the eyes. It’s a worry though that the same care and attention isn’t generally given to children’s sunglasses.   They’re still exposed to...

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Varifocal Glasses Explained

Frequently Asked Questions   Are varifocal glasses a new type of glasses? What are varifocal lenses? Who would wear them and why? Can varifocal lenses fit into any size frame? Can I buy varifocal lenses from the internet? Can I measure my own eyes for my PD...

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