Reglazing Glasses – A Great Way to Save Money

By reglazing glasses you can save money two ways and when you reglaze glasses rather than just buy a new pair you can save time as well.


Super Thin Lens 1.74

Super Thin Lens 1.74

You save money because of the simple fact that you’re not having to buy new frames. New frames can be very costly and if you want to keep your existing frames then reglazing your spectacles makes sense.

  1. You save money again because you’re not having to pay for high street optician’s overheads which they are forced to pass on to you.

Before the Internet arrived in the UK – late 90s then the usual way of buying prescription glasses was a visit to the optician and you’d buy your glasses there and then. You could have (but it’s generally not very well known) shopped around with your optical prescription and bought your glasses at another optical outlet.

Things changed when the Internet became more widespread and online optical sites sprang up and you could buy your prescription glasses more cheaply – but you’d still be buying the frames as well.

In recent years more online sites (and offline companies) are offering to reglaze glasses giving you a further saving.

Post by
Catherine Ibberson