Yes. This is a question  asked regularly by customers who are already having a pair of their favourite frames reglazed,

but haven’t a spare frame for a separate pair of glasses that they would like to have. We stock lots of frames, all of which will soon be shown on the website. They range from just £15 for our standard frames to £120 for the pure titanium ones. Many of our frames contain genuine Swarovsky Crystals.

I had a gentleman only this morning who has sent in his varifocal frame for new lenses. When I called him at lunchtime to confirm the order details and take payment, he just happened to mention that he is going sailing in the summer and would like some polarized sunglasses, unfortunately he had no spare frame to have reglazed. When he’d asked about buying some in the high street he’d been quoted £199 in one shop and £227 in another. I explained that I actually carry quite a large selection of frames for him to choose from, all at very affordable prices, specifically for this reason.

He wanted a pair of silver aviator style frames which were durable for sunglasses which tend to get knocked about quite a lot. I sorted out a frame which is the same width as his varifocal frame, but the lenses are a little deeper to give him decent size lenses to block out the sun. I already have his PD eye measurements, and he chose grey polarized lenses.

The lenses being polarized are £85 and the frame is £35, so the total cost for his sunglasses is just £120. A saving of at least £79 on the high street prices. Needless to say he is delighted as he had given up on the idea of polarized lenses for his holiday. I also explained how good polarized lenses are for driving as they take away much more glare than normal prescription sunglasses.

He was even more pleased by this as he went on to tell me that he’s an area manager for his company and spends many hours a week driving up and down the country. He finds driving in the sun very tiring as his eyes are quite sensitive to even dull sunlight. Had he wanted normal prescription sunglasses lenses into the same frame the cost would be just £75. Most people are fine to wear normal prescription sunglass lenses, I do myself, and so does my hubby.

The reason polarized lenses are a better choice for him is that he regularly drives long distances in sunny weather which can be very tiring on the eyes, and polarized lenses are excellent for all kinds of water sports like sailing and fishing as they take away the surface glare from the water which can be very dazzling. A lot of people who wear varifocal lenses like a spare pair of reading glasses for when they are reading for long periods of time.

A lot of people find reading in bed with single vision reading glasses is a lot more comfortable to wear than trying to read through varifocal lenses when they are laying slouched down or laid of their side etc. If in doubt just call 01253 795523 for advice, we’re always happy to help.




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