Varilux X Design Lenses

Varilux X Series Varifocal Lenses - X Design Here's a very easy to understand, short video explaining about the difference between traditional varifocal lenses, and Essilor's revolutionary new X Design Varifocal lenses. [s3vpp...

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For years I've known that natural sunlight is good for you. I'm so glad that Jack Kruse is pointing it out too. Yet another great post via Facebook.

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Blue Light Hazard

If you're not already following Dr. Jack Kruse on Facebook, or taking a look at his site:  then you are sorely missing out. Here's another great post from Facebook about the dangers of #bluelight [bctt tweet="This is a fascinating article from Jack...

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Vitamin D

A bit off topic from the stuff that I normally post but I found this article from #drjackkruse fascinating. I like to see his posts on Facebook about #bluelight On one of his podcasts you can see him wearing #bluelightblogckingglasses  If you live in the UK you can...

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