Absolutely. I often have local people come to see me regarding getting new lenses for the glasses.

This can be handy for anyone with very strong prescriptions as it gives me the opportunity to measure their eyes personally, which is preferable with complex prescriptions. I was asked by one of my regular customers this morning if I would be able to go and see a couple of ladies in Bury with regard to them having new lenses put into their glasses frames.

Unfortunately, Bury is a little too far for me to go to see customers, so I explained how my Freepost reglazing service works. Alternately, as they live only a few miles away, I also told them that should they wish, I’m more than happy for them to have a day out in lovely Lytham and call to see me while they’re here.

Anyone familiar with Lytham St Annes will already know of our beautiful promenade known as Lytham Green, with its famous windmill and view of the estuary. A stroll along the prom, followed by cream tea in one of Lytham’s many quaint coffee shops on Clifton Street is a lovely day out. Kill two birds with one stone as they say, have a lovely relaxing day out, and get your glasses done at the same time.

Quite a few people come to my home, and order their glasses or new lenses there and then. Though primarily Reglazeglasses4U is a frame reglazing company, I also have a good selection of frames to choose from should a complete new pair of glasses be needed.

The majority of orders are done by post, but for convenience a few local people come to see me at my home. Apart from being very convenient, it’s a nice easy, friendly and personal way to buy your glasses. I always ask that you call me first to make an appointment so I can be sure to be here when you arrive. Please call me on 01253 795523 if you would like to come to see me, and I’ll arrange a time to suit you.


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