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Which Blue Light Reducing Lenses should I be buying? 


When I heard about the amount of damage blue light can do to your eyes, my first thought was that I really needed to buy some for myself. I spend at least 6 hours a day working in front of a computer screen. Add to that, my smart phone that I always use to speak to customers, the TV, and my iPad that I often read in bed. That’s a lot of time in front of the electronic devices that are damaging my eyes long term. When my eyes were twitching, and felt dry and tired, I simply put it down to needing more sleep, and I certainly don’t want to end up blind or partially sighted with Age Related Macula Degeneration (AMD) when I’m older.


Having worked for over 22 years in the optical industry myself, I know the importance of looking after your vision. Just as important is buying top quality lenses as there are a lot of very poor quality lenses out there.  Poor lenses nearly always means poor vision.


Where to look first…


I looked on Amazon and other websites to see what kind of glasses were available to help cut out the blue light.
I found Gunnar glasses that appeared to do the trick, but not really any other lenses that I might consider using myself. Gunnars certainly reduce blue light, and eye strain, which is what I wanted, but I didn’t particularly like any of the styles. If I’m wearing glasses at the office all day, I want to feel happy with the frame as well as the lenses. I also need prescription lenses. Gunnar supply prescription lenses, but firstly, and very importantly I noticed that they have a no returns or exchanges policy on prescription glasses. I wasn’t happy about this in case they were wrong. I also didn’t want to pay shipping costs from America. Gamma Ray computer glasses also looked good, but being an American company, shipping was once again too expensive.

So even though Gunnars and Gamma Ray sound very good, they weren’t exactly what I was looking for. Now what do I do?


Back to the internet. I found lots of cheap and nasty so called blue light reducing computer glasses on the internet from as little as £9.95 When I looked into them in more detail, the reviews were terrible. The frames were flimsy and very poor, the anti glare sounded to be of such poor quality it would be a waste of time having it, and they only reduced a very small amount of blue light. My eyes are very valuable to me. I wanted good protection from blue light not just 5% as some were offering. I could buy these glasses in bulk for as little as £2 a pair from China. I value my eyes too much to even consider using anything of this quality, and doubt they’d be any good anyway.

Cheap, poor quality glasses are never a good idea, but seemed to be the only option left. So now what?


The obvious answer to me was to create my own brand of

Blue Light Reducing Glasses for computer work and games.


Introducing – NoBlue™ Specs


With my online glasses reglazing company already supplying prescription lenses, my first job was to search for top quality blue light reducing lenses that are available as prescription and non prescription lenses.

There are a few companies making their version of the lenses, and the one I finally settled on, supplied by one of the worlds leading lenses suppliers, ticked every box and excels in all the qualities I was looking for.

Secondly, I wanted to offer a good choice of top quality frames that people would feel happy to wear at work all day. I needed to find a range of optical quality, stylish, comfortable but durable frames suitable for prescription and non- prescription lenses.


I no longer have tired eyes,
and neither do all my friends who wear NoBlue™ Specs now.


So…How much are they?


Frames vary from £25-£35 (I’ve deliberately set the cost of the frames low to help anyone needing a complete pair. These are all excellent, optical quality frames that can be found in most high street opticians though)

NoBlue™Lenses –  Clear & Amber 

Prescription & Non Prescription  Clear or Amber ………1.5 Standard thickness …        £85

Prescription & Non Prescription Clear or Amber……… 1.60  Clear Thinner/Lighter…. .£115

Prescription Clear ……… 1.67  Clear Thinner/Lighter…………………………………………. .£150

Prescription Clear ……… 1.74  Clear Extra Thinner/Lighter……………………………………£190 – £220 Depending on Prescription


If Reglazing your own frame with any of our lenses including NoBlue™Lenses, the same prices apply as there is no extra reglazing charge.

All rimless frames need the 1.60 lenses as they are stronger. Standard lenses are more brittle and are likely to crack or break. There is a £10 charge for rimless glazing.


NoBlue™Specs  –  Stands For

 Comfortable Vision – Better Sleep – Healthy Eyes & Body

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