Glasses Blog ImageThis is a question I hear more and more these days.

Gone are the days of automatically going to the high street optician and buying a new frame and lenses every time you have a change in prescription. We’re all far more aware of the high cost of everything these days, and try to find ways of saving a few pounds whenever we can.

A very good saving can be to use your own frame again, and just have new lenses for glasses frames. Not many places on the high street will do this, so the best place to look is where you can get replacement lenses for glasses online.

Where do you look online?

You hear some horror stories, so how do you know which online sites are the best?

Firstly, look at the site carefully to judge for yourself how much care is taken when replacing lenses. Call them and speak to someone first. Make sure you feel happy you are dealing with a professional, knowledgeable company you feel you can trust. Your eyes are far too precious to be abused in any way.

Before having lenses replaced into an exiting frame, think first about your previous lenses. Were they comfortable? Did you ever have any problems with them? If the answer is yes, speak to someone at the company to explain what the previous problems were. This way the problem isn’t repeated.

Can you all types of lenses replaced? Even Bifocal and Varifocal Lenses?

The replacement spectacle lenses don’t have to be just single vision if there are already some of your old lenses already in the frame. Bifocal lenses and Varifocal lenses can also be replaced quite easily. All the necessary eye measurements required to make your lenses correctly can be taken from the old existing lenses. If the frame is brand new, this is fine but ask for instructions from the reglazing company first.

If it’s Varifocal lenses you need, be very careful which you choose. There some very poor quality Varifocal lenses on the market. It’s very true that the better quality the Varifocal lenses are, the better the vision. Choose Varifocal lenses that offer a wide field of vision. Ask what the difference in lenses is. Never just choose the cheapest option thinking it should be ok, always ask for advice. If they don’t sound professional and knowledgeable, look for another company.

What about the PD Eye Measurement they all mention is needed?

Please be cautious, and never use a site that offers to put in an average PD eye measurement. Would you ask for an average pair of shoes in a shoe shop? Of course not, they wouldn’t be a correct fit and probably uncomfortable, leading to problems like blisters, bunions etc. Inaccurate eye measurements can lead to eye-strain, headaches, and blurred or double vision. They might offer lenses at very low cost, and sound very tempting, but just not worth it in the long run. Eye measurements have to be completely accurate to avoid these kind of problems. If you already know your PD Eye Measurement, that’s great. If not it isn’t a problem, just ask about it when you call the online company you’ve decided to use.

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