The answer is YES. I can supply my own Premium Wide Vision Varifocal lenses as well as branded lenses including Essilor.

My Premium Varifocal lenses have proved to be of world class quality, and are by far our most popular lenses. They are designed to be flatter and slimmer resulting in comfortable, functional viewing in all areas of the lenses. The soft progression from top to bottom ensures easy adaptation and eliminates any refocusing issues that can be a problem with some other lenses.

The design of the lenses utilizes the most advanced technology to give a wider, clearer field of vision.The very soft design of the lenses has made the change from top branded lenses like and Essilor to ours very successful for many of our customers.

I don’t supply the very basic design of varifocal lenses that are readily available on the market as my primary aim is to give excellent vision. The very basic varifocal lenses often cause uncomfortable amounts of peripheral distortion and a poor standard of vision all around.

Using a computer with them or playing sports like golf are virtually impossible. Sadly, I’ve seen lots of people after they have already tried these poor quality lenses, and have either suffered poor vision as long as they could stand it, or they have wasted their money and their glasses sit in a drawer unworn.

I often tell people that my lenses aren’t the cheapest on the market, and for £30-40 less  they can get the cheap very basic varifocal lenses. I also add though, that as far as the different qualities of varifocal lenses goes, the saying “You get what you pay for”  rings very true.

Generally speaking, the better quality your varifocal lenses are, the clearer, and more comfortable your vision will be.

I strongly advise to buy the best varifocal lenses that your budget can stretch to, it really does make a big difference to your vision, and the general comfort of your eyes. I also sell a lot of Essilor lenses to people who prefer to keep using the same brand. My prices for Essilor Varilux Lenses are very competative compared to the high street, often £100’s cheaper than the high street, making them another very popular choice.

Often the high street opticians will quote a month for them to supply new Varifocal lenses, we tend to be much quicker as we have our own glazing facilities. Our lenses usually take a couple of weeks and Essilor 2-3 weeks.

If you’d like new varifocal lenses in your existing frame, call Catherine today on 01253 795523 and she’ll happily talk you through what to do next.



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