SunglassesI frequently get asked if we can put prescription lenses into designer Sunglass frames. Yes, we can reglaze most designer frames as well as any other frames. Only on rare occasions do we have to say no because of design of the frame. It’s only when the lenses are a very irregular shape. Cats eyes shape is ok, it’s when the lens have inserts cut into the edges of them to fit specific frames.

It’s a shame to have a really nice designer frame sitting in a drawer going unused just because there needs to be a prescription in the lenses. Often people who have developed a prescription, but have older frames with their original non-prescription lenses call us to ask can there be anything done with the old glasses. Yes, it’s very easy and cost effective to put new lenses in, usually just £55.

It works the other way around as well. People who have had prescription lenses but no longer need them often call us, they might have had lazer surgery for instanc. We can replace their old prescription sunglass lenses with non-prescription lenses. The cost is still £55, much cheaper than buying a new pair.

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