The simple answer is no.

A glasses prescription is generally slightly stronger than a contact lens prescription.

When wearing glasses and swapping over to contact lenses, the wearer might feel a slight difference at first. This is because the contact lenses sit directly over the centre of the pupils at all times, and move around with the eyes.  Therefore the vision is perfect at all times.

When wearing glasses, the eyes move around looking through all areas of the lenses. The vision is only perfect when looking directly through the centre of the lenses, therefore distortion is possible when looking through the outer edges of glasses lenses. The difference should not be a problem though, and will hardly be noticeable after a while.

Anyone wearing contact lenses should always have a pair of glasses to hand in case of emergencies.

For example. Imagine driving a long distance and your eyes becoming dry and irritable due to the heating in the car. It would be a good idea to wear glasses, or at least have the glasses there should your eyes become too uncomfortable to continue driving safely.

If there is any eye infection or injury to the eyes, contact lenses should never be worn. Glasses are a must at these times.

A spare pair of up to date glasses is always a necessity for all contact lens wearers as you never know when they might be needed..


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