How to use Edenred Eyecare Vouchers at Reglaze Glasses 4U

1. You can use your Eyecare Voucher towards any type of lenses you want. Call Catherine on 07767 168 822 she’ll discuss the different types of lenses, your eye measurements and prescription with you, then tell you exactly what to do next. It’s all very easy once you’ve spoken to Catherine. You’ll be sent a Freepost package by Catherine from Reglazeglasses4U. Once received, wrap the frame in the enclosed bubblewrap. Complete the order form and attach the Eyecare Voucher to it.

2. Enclose the frame and Eyecare Voucher in the box along with your up to date prescription.

3. Send the box Freepost by just putting it into the post box, or take it to the post office if an insured Special Delivery postal service is preferred for expensive frames.

Where do I get an Edenred Eyecare Voucher? And how do they work?

1. Your employer will give you your Eyecare Vouchers either when you ask for them, or automatically. The vouchers come in denominations of £10, £55 and £75. The £75 to be used for bifocal or varifocal lenses. The £10 top-up vouchers are to be used for special prescriptions.

2. You can use them to cover the full cost of an eye test with an optician of your choice. Edenred Corporate Eyecare Vouchers are accepted by over 96% of opticians across the UK.

3. The optician will keep a record of the test and give you a date for the next one.

4. If you need glasses specifically for VDU work, your employer will give you Eden Red – Eyecare Vouchers towards the cost.

5. If you have a frame that you particularly like, and would like to use again, at Reglazeglasses4u you can use your Eyecare Vouchers to cover the cost. Just follow the 3 easy steps above, and we’ll be happy to reglaze your own frame. This way you can use the full amount of the vouchers on the lenses only. This gives you the opportunity to upgrade the lenses if you like. Unless you have a very strong prescription, this would make the cost of reglazing your glasses completely FREE.

Alternately, you can go to any opticians where Eyecare Vouchers are accepted. As most high street opticians are reluctant to reglaze a persons own frame, the cost would probably be more as a frame would need to be bought as well. The voucher value would more than likely cover the cost of very basic frames. However, if you prefer better quality frames, the money needed to make up the difference in price, would be paid by yourself.

By having your own good quality frames reglazed, you can keep the quality and style that you like, upgrade the standard of lenses you’d probably get on the high street, and still save money.

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