Essilor Lenses

CatherineEssilor Logo 500pxI like to point out to people that I’m not employed by or affiliated with Essilor in any way. I don’t get any special deals to promote their lenses, but I’ve been dispensing their lenses for over two decades, and experience has taught me that I can trust them completely. I feel confident that they are excellent lenses, and are a wise choice for whatever your own individual needs may be.


Essilor supply 100’s of different lenses and coatings, and are bringing out new lenses every year. If the lenses you’d like aren’t listed on my website price list, just give me a call and I’ll be able to give you a price for any lenses or coatings not yet listed.

Below are a few of their videos to give you an idea of what you’ll be getting if you choose Essilor lenses and also here’s a link to information about Essilor Lenses.

Essilor Coatings and Tints

Here’s a link to our page about Coatings and Tints including Essilor Coatings.

Essilor X Series – X Design Varifocal Lenses

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