Please note: The S Series is going to be replaced with the X Series Varifocal lenses in the near future.

S Series are still available, but anyone wanting essilor’s best varifocals are recommended to have a look at the new X Series launched in 2017. Starting at £335 for their 1.5 X Series with Crizal Forte Coating.

Save money by having these superior lenses put into your own frame at Visit our website or call Catherine on 01253 795523 for more information and she’ll be happy to help.

The Varilux S Series Varifocal lenses are designed to give the clearest, comfortable vision possible through progressive lenses and without limitations. Recommended by top opticians world wide, without a doubt one of the worlds finest lenses for providing the clearest of vision whilst removing the “off balance” feeling, quicker focus between all distances (newspaper, computer, TV) and clearer HD vision.

In Essilor’s own words “Essilor S Design are the only lenses to overcome the usual constraints of Varifocal lenses, giving ultimate vision whatever the situation.

S Series are all available in all thickness index, Crizal Forte Coating, Transitions, Prevencia Blue blocking Coating. Call Catherine for more information on 01253 795523

1.5   S Series £285

1.6   S Series £310

1.67 S Series £345

1.74 S Series £375

All the above prices include Crizal Forte Coating

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