You can save the added cost of a frame by having new lenses put into your own existing frame. If your frame already contains some of your own prescription lenses, single vision or varifocals, we only need your frame and up to date prescription to supply new lenses. The necessary PD eye measurements can be read from your old lenses so we can make up the new lenses perfectly.

Essilor’s latest lenses Crizal Drive are now avaiable from Reglazeglassses 4U. Available in single vision and varifocal lenses, and all covered by Essilors’ 2 year scratch resistance guarantee. Available in clear, Transitions and XTRActive lenses. Crizal Drive is a new anti-reflective coating that offers impeccable clarity of vision. The performance reflections are up to 90% less when driving at night. It’s also as effective as the Crizal Forte UV for daytime driving as well.

The single vision lenses called Essilor Road Pilot are the perfect single vision lens for people with a lifestyle that involves frequent driving.

The varifocal lenses called Varilux Road Pilot are made to a specific design to best match drivers’ visual needs, resulting in a wide distance and intermediate vision zone.

In Essilor’s own words  ” Crizal Drive is a new premium anti-reflective coating that offers impeccable clarity of vision. Crizal Drive offers up to 90% less reflection at night, at 507nm where eye sensitivity is highest, compared to a lens with a hard coat and up to 54% less reflection compared to a lens with Crizal Forte UV.

Thanks to this perfect adaptation to lightwaves your patients will experience a decreased sensation of glare enhancing their visual comfort for safer driving.

Transitions XTRActive with Varilux Road Pilot

Transitions XTRActive is the only photochromic lens to activate when the wearer is in the car. Transitions XTRActive combined with Varilux Road Pilot is the most comfortable driving solution for frequent drivers and anyone who is sensitive to glare. Also great for outdoor sports where glare can be a problem.

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