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Frequently Asked Questions for Reglaze Glasses 4U

1. Is it easy to get my Glasses prescription so I can buy glasses from you?

Yes. Your Optician should, by law, have given you your glasses prescription at the time of your last sight test. An up to date prescription is always preferable, but no older than 2 years.

Don’t feel pressured into buying your glasses there and then. Since the Opticians Act of 1989 you are free to take your prescription with you and buy your glasses from the high street, online, or better still, save money by reusing one of your own frames, and sending it to us to reglaze.

If you have lost your copy of your prescription, the opticians where you had your eyes tested will supply you with a copy if you ask. You can phone them to post a copy out to you, or just call in to collect one. There might be a small charge for this.

2. Can my lenses be used in another frame if my frame is broken, but the lenses are in good condition?

No, the lenses are specifically measured and cut to fit their original frame. Only on rare occasions can this be achieved successfully.

3. Can I use my contact lens prescription for my spectacles?

No. Contact lens prescriptions are not the same as spectacle prescriptions. You need your actual optical prescription that was given at the time of the eye examination.

4. Can I always use my present frame?

This is called a re-glaze. Yes you can as long as your current glasses frame is in a good “serviceable” condition. It has been shown that approximately 98% of previously used frames are perfectly fine to be glazed again. We are happy to supply you with lenses, along with any coatings you might need. As plastic frames become brittle over a period of time, re-glazing them is not always possible.

If you’re not sure, we will advise you, just send your frame to us in one of our pre paid packages and we will take a look at your frame. If for any reason we think it inadvisable to re use it, we will let you know by phone or email, and return it to your home address by our freepost service.

5. Are the lenses the same quality as I get from my Optician?

Yes, Our stock is all top quality and comes from leading UK lenses manufacturers. All lenses are made to the highest specification, and all conform to British Standard BS2738-3 2004. We use the same lenses suppliers that most of the high street shops use.

6. How can you keep the prices of your lenses so low?

Very easily indeed. We do not the have expensive overheads of lots of staff wages, expensive equipment to buy, or high street rents to pay. This way we can pass all the savings directly on to you, sometimes as much as 75%.

7. Do you sell prescription sunglasses lenses?

Yes, you can choose from several permanent shades in grey or brown, includes full UV400 protection, but also contains your prescription. See the Tints and Coatings button for the choice of 6 tints, and a description of their effectiveness and uses.

Alternatively you can choose light reactive lenses, which darken in the sunshine and lighten indoors. (Transitions)

8. Do you accept NHS Vouchers?

Due to the complexities of the NHS Voucher scheme we do not accept vouchers.

9. What shape are your bifocal lenses?

We supply mainly the D28 bifocal, as it is by far the most popular. However we can supply any shape bifocal lenses asked for.

10. What if my frames need an adjustment?

No adjustment should be necessary as it’s your own frame that you’re sending in. They would have already been adjusted to fit you when they were originally bought. If a nose pad needs altering a fraction this is very easily done, just handle the frame with care. See our video demonstration of simple frame adjustments on the Eye Measurements page.

11. What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cheques, postal orders, and all major credit cards.

We also accept Eyecare Vouchers from work. Lenses supplied to anyone using an Eyecare Voucher will be supplied by our sister company Value Vision who are registered to accept the vouchers.

You can enclose payment in your pre paid package, along with your completed order form and glasses. Or we can accept Debit/Credit Card payment over the phone when we call you to confirm and begin processing your order.

We accept all major Credit/Debit Cards, Paypal, Cheques, Postal Orders, and full/part payment using an Eyecare Voucher.

12. How long will it take to get my glasses done?

This all depends on the type of lenses you need, and any coatings required. Single vision can be very quick, just a few days in most cases. Our aim is to get all glasses out within 7 working days from us receiving them. However due to the complexities of Varifocal lenses, they will take longer to process. We Approximate 7 to 10 working days dependent on the type of Varifocal.
13. How much are postage costs?

Our Freepost service is 2nd Class delivery ( Please note this service is not insured)

1st Class is £1

Recorded Signed for Delivery 1st|Class is £3 Signed for. Goods Insured to £39 in value.

Special delivery £7 Signed for. Guaranteed next day delivery before 1pm. Goods insured to £500 in value.

You might want to use this service if you are sending in a very expensive designer frame. The value of the glasses is it’s highest once it contains the lenses. As this service is very expensive, you could just pay the return journey cost (£7) to keep the cost of postage to a minimum.

If no preference is given, our Freepost service will always be used.

14. Are my glasses covered by a guarantee?

Your lenses are covered by our 30 day, no quibble guarantee, starting on the day you received them. If for any reason you are not happy with the lenses we have provided, we will refund your money in full, put your old lenses back in your frame, and return your glasses by Freepost. ( We cannot refund any postage costs you might have paid)

15. Are my lenses covered by a warranty?

Yes. All lenses and work carried out by us are cover by a 12 month warranty. The warranty starts on the day you receive your glasses. It covers the lenses only, for manufacturing faults.

16. What is a PD? And do I need to have it?

Your PD (Pupillary Distance) is the distance between your pupils. It is an important measurement, essential to glaze the lenses correctly. Your optician can give you’re your PD measurement during the eye test, or if necessary we can take the measurement from an old pair of your own glasses. (See the video demonstration on the PD’s/ Eye Measurements button.)

17. Can I order glasses from outside the UK?

Yes. But we can only use a prescription given by an optician registered in the UK. There would be an additional charge for any postage going outside the UK. Phone us first to discuss the order and take payment. It would probably be cheaper to send the frame to us direct, along with your prescription, once the order has been finalized over the phone.

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