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Glasses Direct

Glasses direct is searched on Google by thousands of people every month. This shows that people are becoming more and more savvy about buying their glasses online.

The days of going to your local opticians, having an eye test, and buying your glasses direct from the opticians there and then are long gone. This has gradually come about since it became law in 1989 that you can take your optical prescription to any optical company that supplies prescription glasses, rather than have to buy from the same opticians shop that tested your eyes.

In the current economic climate, money is scarce, and a lot of people are looking for a more affordable option as some of the high street shops can be very expensive and unaffordable for many.

Glasses Direct from Reglaze Glasses 4U

Glasses Direct

A question regularly being asked now is “can you buy prescription glasses online?” The answer is yes, but look at several websites first, and be careful which website you choose as some are more thorough than others. Choose a website that offers help and advice if you need it. Speaking to someone about your order is much better than trying to work out for yourself which lenses are the best for your particular prescription. After all they are the experts, you wouldn’t take your car to the garage and tell them how to fix the car.

A good thing to look for is the eye measurements section. (PD) If you know your exact measurements, that’s brilliant. If you don’t know, do they offer to put an average eye measurement in for you? Never do this, we are all completely different, would you go into a shoe shop and ask for an average size pair of shoes?

Another much more affordable option is to just put new lenses into glasses that you already own, saving the cost of a new frame. They can be for any use including sunglasses.

For further info on glasses visit the General Optical Council.

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