We’re well into the new year now, spring is just around the corner, so we’re thinking about holidays again. We’ve just booked to go to Turkey and I can’t wait. We’ve ordered 2 new carry holdalls for the flight to keep the cost of baggage down, and my new passport has already arrived. I’m amazed that it only took 2 weeks from applying and paying online until delivery yesterday. They’ve obviously got their act together this year at the passport office. I must admit I half was expecting the stress and panic of last years passport office fiasco.

So I’m sorted, how about you. have you got your glasses sorted, or at least started thinking about them. Do you need a spare pair to take in case of emergencies, or some new sunglasses. You’d be surprised how many people leave it until a week before they’re due to go then hope to get their glasses in time for their holiday.

I’d always say order them as early as you can so you won’t be disappointed if they can’t be made in time. They’re for all year round wear really, so it makes sense to order now in time for spring.

Just give me a call on 01253 795523 or 07767 168822 and I’ll be happy to help.


Catherine Ibberson





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