Types of Lenses – and what they are used for

Single Vision glasses is the general term meaning that they correct vision at just one focus point from your eyes. It can be for looking in the far away Distance, middle/arms length for computer use etc, known as Intermediate, or for close up vision for Reading.

Distance Glasses

Distance glasses are for general everyday use for people who need correction to focus in the far distance for TV, driving, cinema, walking about in etc.

Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are for reading and close work. They can only be worn to focus on objects up close such as reading a book, sewing etc.

Intermediate Glasses

Intermediate glasses can be used for computer work or occasionally they are set for hobbies like reading music, DIY, playing cards, etc. They are similar to reading glasses but the focus point is set a little further away than normal reading glasses. Your optician will give you a specific prescription for Intermediate use. If you need glasses to read music or use a computer etc, tell your optician at the time of the eye test so they will enter the relevant details on your written prescription.

Bifocal Glasses

Bifocal glasses have a regular distance lens with a segment in the bottom for reading. These are for people who need their glasses for distance and reading up close. Bifocal glasses have no Intermediate area in them, so are not very good for focusing on objects at arms length like computers, reading music etc.

Varifocal Glasses

Varifocal glasses have three focusing distances all set into each lens. You are able to see distance, intermediate and reading distances. We advise that you look carefully at the different types of varifocal lenses to decide which you think suits your lifestyle the best. As varifocal lenses go, it’s true to say get the best you can possibly afford. The better lenses really do make your vision more comfortable by giving you a wider field of clear vision, and less peripheral distortion.

Our Premium varifocal lenses are excellent and starting at just £99 are by far our most popular varifocals. However, we also supply just about any lenses available on the market worldwide, and at a much lower price than the high street. Call 01253 795 523 for a quote on any of the branded lenses, we’re sure you’ll be very happy with our reply.

Sports and Goggles Inserts

Single Vision Lenses can put into the inserts for Cycling glasses, Sports glasses and Skiing Goggles. Standard lenses are just £35, Thinner 1.60 are £105, and Polycarbonate for safety are  £65

Foe information about Transitions, Polarised, Drivewear and Computer Blue Blocking lenses see the Tints and coatings sections. There is also a button on the top menu for Computer Blue Blocking lenses.

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