By just having new prescription lenses into glasses that you already own, you can save lots of money.

Quite often the actual frame costs more than the lenses, so by just updating your prescription glasses lenses, you can make the final cost just a few pounds.

Frames alone sell on average between £35 to £175 or even more, depending on the brand. A top quality frame from the higher price bracket, plus the cost of new lenses, can become very expensive. As most people’s prescription changes roughly every two years, the cost of regularly buying new glasses can be a problem when there is only so much money available.

Without a doubt, the best saving by far is by using the frame again when new lenses are needed.

A little known fact opticians prefer to keep to themselves. 94% of frames are in a good enough condition to be reglazed with new lenses.

Imagine how many good quality, stylish, modern, frames that are still in very good condition are literally sitting in peoples’ drawers gathering dust. As they are so expensive, and still liked, people are naturally reluctant to throw them away even though they are no use with an out of date prescription in. After a few years in the drawer though, unfortunately, the final destination of most frames is the waste bin.

Lenses Into Glasses

Lenses Into Glasses


What a complete waste, of what in all probably adds up to a huge sum of money.


Finally people are getting the message to shop around for their glasses, rather than automatically buy at the time of the eye exam because they feel obliged to.


Here’s how savings can be made not once, but twice.


Fewer people are aware that they can save even more money by reusing their existing frames. What’s more interesting though is that if an online glazing company supplies the lenses, then even more money is saved. As online companies have much lower overheads, the savings can be passed on to the customer by selling the lenses at a much more affordable price. The lenses are still the top quality lenses you expect from the high street, but for a lot less money.

This is a win win situation for anyone wanting to keep the frame that they still love, have reglazed with their up to date precription lenses, and still save lots of money.

The only people not happy about this are the opticians, but if they provided the same service, people would continue to buy there anyway. Further info on glasses can be found in this informative article.

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