Our new NoBlueSpecs™ are all available as prescription, ready readers with magnification or non-prescription lenses, and are available to be fitted into your own frame to save costs, or into a new frame which we can supply. We sell 2018 Collection Delancy frames at a much reduced price to help keep the costs of buying a new pair of glasses down to the minimum. We sell Delancy frames just £39.95  when bought with any of our new lenses, currently Delancy frames are being sold on the high street for £89.


The Amber lenses are available in 4 shades, and the clear blue light protection coated lenses for daytime, computer work. The prescription lenses are available as single vision, bifocal or varifocal lenses in all 4 Amber shades as well as the NoBlueSpecs™Clear coated lenses. For extra protection, you can even have the coating put on top of the amber tint. The 4 Amber tints are

NoBlueSpecs™55 – Computer

NoBlueSpecs™75 –  Evening

NoBlueSpecs™95 – Night-time

NoBlueSpecs™Red/Amber –  Night-time

NoBlueSpecs™Clear – Computer

Click on the link below for information about the 4 NoBlueSpecs™ Amber Lenses and NoBlueSpecs™Clear


Essilor Crizal Prevencia Blue Light Protection

A lot of glasses wearers prefer to wear the branded lenses that they are used to. We can supply virtually all of Essilors lenses, including the very latest X Design Varifocal Lenses with Crizal Prevencia which is Essilors excellent blue light protection. Any new lwenses can by put into one of your own favourite frames, one you might have bought, or even one you’ve had given. Or into one of the Delancy designer frames supplied by us at a fraction of the high street prices.

As we sell Essilor lenses for a fraction of the prices charged by many high street opticians, people regularly save £100’s by getting their new lenses from us..

For further information call Catherine on 01253 795523 or 07767 168 822. You’ll always speak to Catherine herself, she’ll be happy to answer any queries, and she’ll talk you through the very easy ordering process.


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