Very exciting news for those of us who are keen to protect their eyes and body from harmful blue light, reset their internal body clock, and promote better sleep.


In February 2018 we are launching our brand new lenses “NoBlue Specs” for blue light protection. The “NoBlue Specs” are available in 3 shades of Amber, for prescription and non- prescription lenses. The prescription lenses will be available as Single Vision Lenses for Distance, Intermediate or Near Vision prescriptions. Bifocal and “NoBlue Specs “Premium Wide Vision Varifocal lenses are also available.


The “NoBlue Clear & Amber Lenses can be supplied complete in a new stylish Black or Havana plastic frame, a brand new frame supplied by you, or to help keep the costs down, can be put into one of your own existing frames. Having the lenses put into your own frame is the best option for you cost wise, but good for us as well as your old lenses will contain your PD eye measurement already. A new frame is still easily done though, we’ll just need to see a pair of your old glasses as well to take the eye measurement from. Apart from that all we need to see is your prescription.


The whole range of “NoBlue Specs” are available as “NoBlue95” which has around 95% blue light protection, or the “NoBlue75” which is a lighter shade and has around 75% blue light protection, and the “NoBlue55” which has around 55% blue light protection. All lenses come with UV Protection and Scratch Protection as standard. As prescription lenses are made of different materials that may tint to different depths, the % is as near to accurate as possible.


(For legal reasons, prescription lenses are not available for anyone under the age of 16, or anyone registered blind or partially sighted.)


For price details of any of the lenses or how to proceed with an order, visit the Easy Price Guide or call Catherine Ibberson on 01253 795523 or 07767 168 822.


Lots of trials have been completed about the effects of blue light. Dr. Jack Kruse is without doubt a world leader in the research of the effects of blue light on not just the eyes but the whole body. Anyone unfamiliar with the work of Dr. Kruse would find the video below a complete eye opener to all the negative effects of artificial light, but just as important, the health benefits of natural blue light from the sun.


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