During my days working as a mobile optical service in my sister business Value Vision Mobile Optical Service,

I’ve always liked the fact that by going into their homes, I get to know my customers personally. I regularly get invited to go on a house tour while I’m there.

People are often very proud of their homes, and like them to be appreciated by other people.  I get to know about their families, holidays, shown home made things and get to know the history behind it. I often come away with home made cakes, flowers, boxes of chocolates, and even a tray of duck eggs from one kind gentleman.

I hate the boring, impersonal way we shop online these days. Everyone really is just a number.

I never thought I’d get to know people quite so well when only knowing them through my website business.

How wrong was I!

When I first started my website, I wanted to make the service as personal as I could make it. In my experience it makes my customers feel more reassured as they speak to me personally every time, it gives them the opportunity to ask anything they like, and generally makes the whole buying experience more enjoyable. On top of that we usually end up having a nice friendly chat about all sorts, often nothing at all to do with glasses.

Only yesterday I was having a laugh on the phone with a lovely lady from Croydon. We were having a typical girly chat about the woes of some men and their lack of ability to do multitasking. I’m sure lots of men have the same chats about ladies. I know my husband and his male work colleagues were laughing the other day about women drivers, the women in their group were soon pulling faces and had plenty to say about this.

It’s nice to speak personally to my customers, and a part of my work that I particularly enjoy. I think I’m just a born chatterbox at heart.

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