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Reasons to Reglaze Your Glasses

We suggest that when ordering any new lenses, you’ll find it very useful to just take a couple of extra minutes to see the many different ways previous frames can be reused. Also consider whether to take advantage of the more affordable prices, and opt for (Transitions) light reactive lenses for added comfort and practicality.

Professional look by day – Trendy look for Socialising

Ladies especially like to have several pairs of glasses, often to match different outfits. Reglazing frames is a good economical way of doing this. Having a professional looking pair for work, and a trendy pair for socialising is popular for both ladies and gentlemen.

Prescription Sunglasses for driving, sports and holidays

Prescription sunglasses can easily be reglazed for very little cost, and are available as Distance or Near single vision lenses, as well as bifocal and varifocal lenses. Many drivers wear them all year round as they are especially effective for protection from the dazzle of the low morning sun and equally bad evening sunsets. Reading on holiday is far more comfortable with tinted lenses. A tint protects the eyes from the light reflected off a white page.

Hobbies and Sport


Every fisherman knows that glare on the water’s surface can be a nuisance. How about having some polarized lenses put into an old frame. They could be for distance only, or better still bifocals so they could see to put the bait on the hook clearly if reading glasses are usually needed. They would be great for driving and holidays as well, so would get plenty of wear besides being used for fishing.


Sunglasses for Golf really do make a difference- so the many professionals say in our home town of Lytham St Annes. We are based in Lytham St Annes where golf is one of the top sports in the area. Consequently we supply many glasses for people who play golf regularly. If bifocal or varifocal glasses are normally worn for everyday use, lots of people have a pair of distance glasses as well for golf so they can see the ball and ground at their feet clearly. This applies to both clear lenses and sunglasses.

Caring for Older Peoples’ Vision

Post Cataract Operation Reading Glasses

When someone has had cataract surgery distance glasses are often not required, but reading glasses are usually still needed. Have a previous frame reglazed. If reading outside or on holidays is a regular pastime, why not consider tinted lenses. Even transition readers might be a good option for inside and outside use.

Post Cataract Operation Distance Glasses

As wonderful as their vastly improved vision is, when people have worn glasses for many years, quite a few feel like something is missing from their face when suddenly they’re told they don’t actually need glasses any more. Have a previous frame reglazed with clear lenses, or even Transitions if you are light sensitive, as people often are after cataract surgery.


A subject very dear to Company owner Catherine Ibberson. Her experience with her own mum, who suffered from Alzheimer’s, could be very useful to anyone caring for someone with Dementia. Sadly, as we are living longer these days, more and more people are being diagnosed with some form of Dementia. My mother included, so I can speak with first hand experience about this.

With all the other everyday things to consider when caring for someone with Dementia, the quality of their vision is often the last consideration. Once a person has reached the stage when an eye test is too confusing to be completed properly, they are often left wearing the same glasses for years, with their out of date, optical prescription in them. I strongly recommend that an eye test be had prior to reaching this stage, which can be sooner than people realize.

My mother had the mental ability to read something written down, it would be forgotten in seconds probably, but she could still read it. I took her for an eye test at this stage, but soon realised it couldn’t have been left any later. She could tell the optician what the letters were, but became very confused and upset when asked which of the lenses were clearer. Unfortunately this is a necessary part of the eye exam, and cannot be missed out if a prescription is needed.

Even though the optician was a friend of mine, and was very patient and caring with mum, she still found it too much, and we left the shop with her in tears. I know that choosing frames at this time would have been an added nightmare for her. I had 3 of her previous pairs reglazed to avoid her more distress.

3 pairs of glasses might sound a lot, but it’s a necessity actually. Lots of people don’t realise it is illegal to make someone prescription lenses from a prescription over 2 years old. People can live for years with Dementia, and with no way of improving her vision in the future, I knew her glasses were going to have to last for her lifetime.

People with Dementia live in a very frightening, uncertain world of their own. Walking around in an unsteady blurred world because they’ve no glasses at all, or wearing glasses with an old prescription in simply because an eye test wasn’t done at the right time, must only diminish their crucial quality of life even further. Don’t worry if an eye test isn’t due for another 9 months or so, make an early appointment if you feel that in that 9 months they will probably be incapable of being tested.

Mum hid things, including her glasses. I found one pair in the garden about 6 months after they went missing. They were hidden in the hedge, and I only found them by chance as I happened to be cutting it back.

Near vision glasses are still needed even when a person is no longer able to read. They still need to see to eat food from their plate. Often in nursing homes and day centres activities like looking at photos and pictures to help them remember the past are a vital part of their care. Taking away the ability to see vital photographs of loved ones, is once again robbing them of more of their precious quality of life. Glasses sometimes get broken in temper, and often sat on. Having several pairs might seem a little forward thinking, but unfortunately in these circumstances, quite necessary.

Bifocal and Varifocal Wearers

When walking around wearing bifocal or varifocal lenses, the ground can look blurred when looking down through the bottom of the lenses. This can cause people to feel unsteady on their feet, causing them to miss the curb or trip on stairs. A spare pair of distance glasses are excellent for walking outdoors, making them feel much steadier on their feet and more confident walking. An excellent and very popular reason to reglaze a frame not being used.

See Mr Valentine’s testimonial. He had a spare pair of distance glasses to use inside and outdoors, rather than his usual bifocals. Having quite advanced Macula Degeneration he was unsteady on his feet, and walked with the aid of a stick, or using the furniture for support. Now he had his distance glasses, he feels steady enough to walk without the aid of his stick at all for the first time in many years. A simple thing like a pair of distance glasses proved to be life changing.

Computer use/DIY/Reading Music

A pair of middle distance (intermediate) glasses would be useful for all of the above.

Accidental Damage

It’s always advisable to have a spare pair of glasses, as you never know what’s going to happen. Regular accidents include: –

People sitting on glasses

Dogs and babies chew them

The lenses get scratched when the glasses aren’t kept in a sturdy case

A lens drops out

People have been known to put them in the dishwasher and destroy the coatings

People drop to sleep in bed when reading, and then crush their glasses

We know of a man dropping his glasses over the side of a boat on holiday

Glasses regularly get lost in nursing homes, or end up being worn by someone else

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