Reglazing Glasses Online

There are lots of reasons why reglazing glasses online is a very good, cost effective way of renewing your new glasses prescription.

Over the last couple of years, mainly due to the current economic climate money has become very scarce for a lot of us. A consequence of this is that a lot of people are now asking if they can have their present frame reglazed with new lenses, rather than buy a new frame. The answer to this is yes.

Unfortunately though, a lot of high street opticians are still very reluctant to do this. They’ll give reasons like they cannot replace your frame should it get broken during the glazing process, which is perfectly true, but he main reason being that they don’t want to lose the income from the sale of a frame.

About 95% of frames are in a good enough condition to be reglazed. Yet more often than not, they get put in a drawer, collecting dust, until they are eventually thrown away. What a complete waste of money.

Is there any risk?

Absolutely not. Reglaze Glasses 4U is a website business developed solely for the purpose of reglazing peoples own frames. There are essential eye measurements required to make the new lenses, but this is no problem as we have the equipment to  read these measurements from the old lenses that are already in your frame. We analyse the lenses, and read the correct eye measurements, then use these along with your up to date prescription to make the new lenses.

All we ask is that the frame is in good condition as we do not repair frames, and that you could see through the lenses clearly and comfortably when you originally bought the glasses.

There is always a small chance of your frame breaking during the glazing process, but this very rarely happens. We take the greatest of care to ensure this doesn’t happen during the whole reglazing process. We supply a very easy to use Freepost service, which includes a cardboard box, order form, and bubble wrap to protect your frame during the journey when you send it to us for reglazing.

We’ve made the whole process very easy for you.

Once you’ve received your Freepost package from us, just follow the simple instructions enclosed. All that is required on the order form are your personal contact details, and authorisation to use your enclosed prescription to make up your new lenses. When we receive your frame/s, we’ll call you to discuss the lenses options, confirm the order and take credit/debit card payment over the phone. Payments by cheque are enclosed with the order form and frame/s before they are sent to us.

If you have any queries regarding lenses, payments, ordering, just call us, we’re always happy to help. Tel. 01253 795523 or 07767 168 822  Lines can get busy occasionally, in which case just leave a message with your name and telephone number and we’ll return your call as soon as we are available.

Alternately, if it is out of office hours email us on [email protected]


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