The low winter sun can make driving very hazardous, especially when it’s sun and rain combined. Fortunately, most driver’s are very responsible and wear their sunglasses for driving all year round. Therefore, if you need new sunglasses it makes sense not to wait until next Spring to buy them. If you need them in November, try to buy them in November rather than spending weeks or even months squinting, trying to avoid the sun.

Money is often a major factor at this time of year, but there is a cheaper option to buying new glasses altogether. Just have new prescription sunglass lenses put into your old sunglasses. This can be done in just a few days, and from as little as £55 for single vision driving glasses, or £140 for Sunglass varifocals in any colour.

Just call Catherine on 01253 795523 and she’ll talk you through the very easy, stress free ordering process.


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