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Reglaze Glasses 4U
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by Michael Amechi on Reglaze Glasses 4U

I can't thank Catherine enough for her excellent service in fitting my frames with the Varilux X Design varifocal lenses from Essilor. A work colleague raved about the Varilux S, the precursor to the X Design, so learning of new improvements and technologies made me set my sights (pun intended) on the new X Design.

My new X Design are my first varifocal lens so I have no comparative point of reference but I don't think I could be happier with a solution that delivered the promises from Essilor and don't have me reaching for reading glasses. The Essilor concept of optimizing for a "Volume of near vision" was perfectly delivered and I can use my glasses comfortably for near vision interaction anywhere within a volume of space ahead up to 36 inches and of course for far distance vision - all from one lens. Proper fitting is essential though to ensure there is no fatiguing of the eyes nor any experience of transitory blurriness in focusing near and far objects.

The morning I received my X Design lenses, I was due to leave town on day trip and after 10 mins of wearing the new glasses I was confident in leaving my fixed-focals behind - those lenses also from Catherine are outstanding for distance vision. I still use my fixed-focals for playing sports, but otherwise my X Design varifocals are always on my nose. I chose the Transitions with Crizal Prevencia offering Blue light protection. Note in choosing  which Transition lenses, that the XTRActive has a permanent tint and is slower to transition indoors so I avoided them for my varifocals which I needed for un-tinted vision in reading and using a laptop. The X Design is highly recommended.


Michael Amechi

by Richard B on Reglaze Glasses 4U
Amazing advise

I spoke to Catherine on Monday 22/07/19 for advice.
I was honest with her and told her I had bought my varifocal lenses elsewhere.
She was amazing at offering me advice even though I'd bought them from another supplier.
Thank you Catherine for your help and your patience.
I will definitely be heading to your website when next I need new specs.

by David Francis on Reglaze Glasses 4U
Prescription lenses

Having only started wearing glasses in the past few years I found I had some nice sunglasses that were no longer of any use, and the High Street chain who undertake my eye tests told me they could not have prescription lenses fitted, thus I was sold some new ones.

I found Catherine on the internet and decided to give it a whirl with two pairs of old sunglasses. Catherine's service is superb; prompt, attentive, communicative, friendly and it does what it says on the tin. Sunglasses are both perfect, I can see long distance views again and exactly what I wanted. Plus two phone calls, several emails and a very reasonable price.

Strongly recommend Catherine and will be my go to person as my eyes get worse!

by Arnold A on Reglaze Glasses 4U
An excellent alternative to the High Street Opticians

I have previously used two of the major High Street Opticians for my annual eye test and have asked both if they could put the new prescription lenses into an older very expensive light frame that I am fond of; both came up with all the excuses in the world to conclude that they couldn't.

Catherine at Reglaze Glasses 4U had entirely the opposite opinion and offered to take a look at the frames that I had and immediately confirmed that is was entirely possible. She advised on the best lenses to suit my prescription and we proceeded on that basis.

I am 100% satisfied with the outcome and would highly recommend Reglaze Glasses4U, Catherine, to anyone in a similar situation; well worth a call and a visit, no reservations.

by Danny Sherwood on Reglaze Glasses 4U
Strongly Recommended

Catherine was really helpful in working out the right lenses for me - to look good and to reduce the migraines I was getting from fluorescent lighting and computer screens. The glasses look great, I see really well, and have had a clear reduction in migraines which has made my life a lot better. There aren't many places doing this and Catherine is really expert, so I strongly recommend this company if you have visual issues, migraines or other problems related to screens and electric lighting.

by Russ Brookfield on Reglaze Glasses 4U
Snooker glasses

I was lucky to find Catherine on the net, she happened to have a very good pair of snooker frames, I gave her my prescription which she made up for me with a higher lens . The glasses were completed the following day , and were perfect at a very good price. I would highly recommend Catherine for an excellent sevice.

by Linda Higham on Reglaze Glasses 4U

Catherine provides an outstanding service. Nothing is too much trouble and I will certainly be sending my glasses to her from now on to be reglazed. I had a pair of sunglasses I wanted prescription lenses put into and have just received them back and they are perfect. Catherine kept me informed at every step and provides a very professional and efficient service but with a lovely personal touch.

by Anna on Reglaze Glasses 4U
Fabulous service

I ordered four pairs of glasses, three prescription and one plain -- really needed something to help me with my dry eyes and trouble with blue light from the computer and LED. I sent in my frames, the glasses have arrived back with their new lenses today and they are perfect, two of them Essilor lenses, two of them the NoBlueSpecs lenses. Catherine was incredibly helpful on the phone and very responsive by email. I live abroad, delivery to the EU and there was no problem with delivery (long may that last). This was much much cheaper than having four new pairs of glasses made, and the anti-reflective coatings for the computer and night driving are far superior to anything I have had before. I shall be ordering driving sunglasses next! Thank you Catherine for the great service!

by RAE CLOAD on Reglaze Glasses 4U
Yes! .......it's still a WOW !!

I believe it was in June 2017 that I left a very positive review about my new glasses supplied by Reglaze Glasses 4U. Most reviews usually record their initial experience so I thought it might help if I shared my experience having now had the glasses for 18 months.
My ‘big chain’ experience was never the best and I was a little apprehensive when I initially telephoned Catherine. The glasses I then had appeared to be badly scratched and this was puzzling because I am very careful. On studying the lens with an eyeglass, it became apparent that it wasn’t me and in fact was probably due to a poor coating that had been used. It seemed as if some spiders had run riot on the lens, and more research suggested the problem was even bigger in the USA.
In my initial chat with Catherine, I said please, ‘no coatings’ but she gently explained that the right coatings although more expensive were still well worth going for. I was persuaded and I can now say that the new glasses she organised then with the coatings have proved to be the best I’ve ever had.

So, it’s still a BIG thank you to Catherine.

by Malcolmt on Reglaze Glasses 4U
Personal Service

Catherine was extremely helpful with an issue I had with an incorrect optician's glasses prescription. As a result I ordered a second pair from Reglaze Glasses 4u. It is such a pleasure to deal directly with one person and that person is the owner of the business. I required varifocals and the options were clearly explained and have to say the own brand ones I finally selected exceeded my expectations. Will use again.

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