If you’re  thinking about getting new lenses into one of your frames before Christmas, they need to be ordered soon. There’s no rush for single vision lenses as they take just a few days to process, but varifocal lenses take a couple of weeks so need ordering soon to avoid disappointment.

Single vision lenses start at just £25 and varifocal lenses are available from £85

We reglaze lots of designer sunglasses with prescription lenses from just £45. All of our sunglass lenses come with full 400UV protection and scratch protection. Even though it’s winter weather now, we are still getting lots of orders for sunglass lenses as they help protect against the glare of the low  and very dazzling winter sun. My eyes are quite light sensitive so I wear sunglasses all year round for driving, and so do many others.

So, if you have a winter holiday coming up, don’t forget to upgrade your sunglasses to your latest prescription.

If anyone has any queries about new lenses, just give me a call on 01253 795523 and I’ll be only too happy to help.

Catherine Ibberson





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