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An explanation about Transitions Lenses

Transitions lenses (also known as Photochromic lens) are clear lenses that automatically adjust to changing light from the sun’s rays. As well as reducing eye fatigue, they help protect your eyes from glare and UV damage.

The lenses appear clear when indoors and at night, but go dark quickly when exposed to UV rays from the sun.

From this image below you’ll see that they look just like a normal pair of prescription glasses:

Transitions Lenses Clear

Transitions Lenses Clear


And with this image you’ll see what they look like when they are getting darker – the thing is – when you are wearing them, you’ll not notice them getting darker, you just see clearly as normal without the glare:

Transitions Lenses - Getting Darker

Transitions Lenses – Getting Darker

And from this next image you’ll see that they are almost as dark as a traditional pair of sunglasses and again while you are wearing them, you’ll not notice that they are going dark – you’ll just see as normal:

Transitions Lenses - Fully Dark

Transitions Lenses – Fully Dark


Transition lenses have UV protection built in, which protects the eyes from harmful UV rays, and helps reduce risk of harmful eye conditions such as Cataracts and Macular Degeneration.

When the transition lenses are at their very darkest outdoors, they will not be quite as dark as traditional very dark sunglasses, but will certainly be a big help if protection from glare is needed.

Anyone thinking of buying transitions lenses for driving, should be aware that the lenses do not go as dark in a car as when outside in the sun. This is because a car windscreen has a special UV filter built in, reducing the effect of the transitions lenses.  For this reason anyone who drives for their occupation is better wearing either prescription sunglasses for protection from the sun’s glare rather than transitions lenses.

Or, there are new lenses on the market now called XTRActive Transitions Lenses available in single vision or varifocal lenses which are excellent for driving. these lenses have a permanent very light tint as well as the transitions aspect of the lenses. This means that they are darker in the car than normal transitions lenses. We’ve used these new lenses for driving instructors and bus drivers very successfully. If fact they’ve all said they are the best lenses they have ever had.

Transitions lenses are very useful for many reasons:-

Reading on holidays

If someone who regularly wears reading glasses, also goes on holiday regularly, transitions are excellent for reading glasses as they can be used as reading sunglasses on a beach, or at home in a garden or conservatory.

Working outdoors

If your work involves reading outdoors, a surveyor for example, reading outdoors in strong sunlight can be a problem. This is where transitions reading glasses, or transitions varifocal lenses are an excellent idea. The glasses can be worn indoors as usual, but will also be more comfortable to wear on sunny days when working outdoors.

Sheer Practicality

Transitions lenses are very practical as they are good for all weather conditions. As well as being cost effective, they reduce the need to carry extra glasses around in case the weather turns. For this reason alone, many people opt to have transitions lenses rather than clear or permanently tinted lenses.

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