Varifocal Lenses

As part of our service we reglaze many frames with all types of single vision and bifocal lenses, but specialize in supplying top quality Varifocal Lenses.

Our excellent Premium Wide Vision Varifocal Lenses have proved to be very successful, and are by far our most popular lenses. They are designed to be flatter and slimmer resulting in lightweight, comfortable, functional viewing in all areas of the lenses. The unique design of the lenses utilises the most advanced technology to give a wider, clearer field of vision than the very basic varifocal lenses that are currently available on the market.

(See our reviews from our varifocal wearers, they are all very happy with their lenses)

As our first priority is always customer care, we do not supply the very basic design of varifocal lenses. The reason being that they are well known to cause more peripheral distortion and a poor standard of vision all around than quality Varifocal lenses.

All opticians will agree that generally speaking, the better quality the varifocal lenses are, the clearer and more comfortable the vision. We strongly advise to buy the best varifocal lenses that your budget can stretch to, it really does make a difference.

Our vision is a huge part of our lives, so here are a couple of things to consider before buying lenses. Do you always buy the cheapest cars and carpets that you can find? Or, do you look for something comfortable, reliable and long lasting, then budget to get the product that has all of the necessary qualities that are most important to you.

Our Premium Wide Vision Varifocal Lenses are excellent as they have been proved to have all the quality required for very good vision, but come at an affordable price.

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