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You’re able to save twice as we supply top quality lenses

for a fraction of the high street prices,

as well as save you the cost of buying

a new expensive frame  by having the new lenses put into your own frame.


X Series Varifocal Lenses by Essilor

Now available from Reglazeglasses4U
Also X Series XTRActive Transitions with Crizal Sapphire UV or Crizal Prevencia.

June 2018 Update…. I can’t praise these lenses enough

We’ve been selling the X Design lenses now for a few months and the feedback is terrific. We’ve probably sold 100’s of pairs now, and we haven’t had one negative comment. Every single person has just loved the comfort, clarity and digital precision of the lenses. Add the new Crizal Sappire UV for glare or Crizal Prevencia for blue light protection coating and the end result is just superb.

We’ve done quite a few pairs of the X Design XTRActive to people who are light sensitive and they’ve proved to be very effective and help protect sensitive eyes from the unwanted glare. Adding the new Crizal Sapphire UV to the XTRActive is extremely effective as the Sapphire UV is applied to both surfaces of the lenses, blocking reflections and glare from behind as well as the side and front.

If you’ve any queries at all, just call me (Catherine) on 07767168822 or 01253 795523. I’m always happy to advise and discuss all your options to get the best lenses for your own individual prescription and optical needs.  Have your prescription to hand when you call as I’ll need to know your prescription and frame details to advise you accurately.


In Essilor’s own words

“The first Varilux providing total visual freedom

“Varilux X series is the first Varilux lens to dramatically reduce head movement and ensure that your vision is as natural as possible for everyday activities within arm’s reach and beyond. Varilux X series is the best Varilux we’ve ever designed.

A new definition of near vision

Your posture and the way you look at things up close have changed. You’re now drinking coffee while texting the kids, sending an email via a tablet on the train or checking your social news feed every other hour. In short, everything that matters today happens within arm’s reach. Before now, no varifocal lens has been designed to accommodate these modern day behaviours and therefore you had to, ‘point your nose to where you want to look at.

Your Varilux X series satisfaction guarantee

We are so confident that you will love your Varilux X series lenses that we have added it to our Varilux adaptation guarantee. This means in the unlikely event you are dissatisfied with your Varilux lenses in the first 60 days, your optician will replace them with a suitable alternative.

On purchase, you will receive a Varilux guarantee card together with a cleaning cloth and a booklet that contains helpful advice on using and taking care of your new Varilux X series lenses.”

Don’t just take our word for it.

Sep 26, 2017
by Alec High on Reglaze Glasses 4U
Essilor variluxX

Changed from some Zeiss varifocal lenses to Varilux X series. Big difference! Not cheap, but, as always you pay for what you get. If you value excellent lenses, then go for it.Catherine helpful from beginning to end. Would happily use again.

Nov 1, 2017
by George Hughes on Reglaze Glasses 4U
Absolutely amazing

Hello Catherine,My glasses arrived back yesterday afternoon. To be honest I’m absolutely amazed. I had no idea these lens’s could make such a difference.It’s so lovely to be able to see again without all the effort of my previous lens’s and they were only 16 months old. They were also the same price as these.My wife shall be sending hers in due course.Highly recommended. great service by Catherine!Thanks again

Kind regards George

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